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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paris Design Expo

We're on the under ground on our way to a Design Expo. A Busker is playing the Clarinet right next to me - perfect. So many people use cycling as their main mode of transport and I can see why. The underground is so dirty with beggars on every corner, each with man's best friend. The Parisians really do love their dogs. The poverty here is noticeable every where, contrasted with the designer boutiques, it is very sad, the other side of life in Paris We just walked to a Vide Grenier, specifically selling 1950's items, which I love. The sellers were far too sophisticated to catch a bargain, so we leave empty handed as prices are high. Then onto a Paris Design Expo to see the latest in home fashions. I don't think I've ever attended something quite so huge. It was way too big to take everything in, but we found some interesting ideas and French Marseille soap for Simply Sam. Because it stays light until 10pm, we made the most of the beautiful evening with a walk to see the majesty of the Sacre Coeur in all it's glory. Paris would not be Paris without a gentle stroll around Monmarte. As contrived as it is, I can still sit there and imagine Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec walking through the cobbled streets. So we walked for nearly ten hours today. It's 10.45pm. We've only just eaten supper. A simple meal of 'Nids Larges Pates d'Alsace' (pasta nests). with the most delicious Creme Fraiche and Pesto. A 2008 Chateau la Voie and cheese platter to compliment the main, and let me not forget the Cote D'or chocolate and cafe Creme to finish. What a lovely end to the day. It's almost midnight. How on earth will I wake up early tomorrow...

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  1. All sounds absolute wonderful.... love how you write : )