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We stock a variety of vintage, antique and hand-crafted items. Available on our web store or select antiques and beautiful 'proudly South African' hand-made Gift items on sale or to view at VinLee Art Gallery Hilton College Road, Natal Midlands. Hilton off-ramp, N3, Kwazulu Natal

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Wedding? - "I do"

Nottingham Road has to be one of the most romantic places to host a vintage wedding, what with some of the most beautiful and historical venues to choose from with breath taking views and gorgeous scenery to use as a backdrop to beautiful wedding photos.

At a recent sale I happened upon the most gorgeous little Victorian Coat & Cap which I could just imagine being worn over a new pair of cotton & lace bloomers to dress the little flower girl or paige boy at a vintage wedding. I also came across a pure wool overcoat which would probably fit about a three year old. My mind was doing overtime when I spotted a child's vintage sailors outfit complete with little hat, trousers and sailor top. Though is has slight staining a child would look an absolute treat with genuine 'Shirley Temple' wringlets! To finish off the scene in my head I thought of the vintage silk and lace wedding dressing, circa 1920's, hanging in my shop and the black Tuxedo ......

Crab Apple Chapel is one of the Natal Midlands best kept secrets in the Dargle Valley, surrounded by the natural forests and farmlands. Owned and built by Helen & Barend Booysen, (Tel: +27 (0)33 234-4235 Mobile: +27 (0)82 337-2025) the Crab Apple Chapel was built in 1992 for their local community and is available for your wedding. It seats up to 170 on church pews and the cost is minimal, but book well in advance as this has to be one of the most popular chapels. The 5km dirt road would need some careful planning if you are booking during the rainy season, so bare this in mind.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A heart full of love ....

I have just had a delivery of the most gorgeous little Nguni key ring hearts which will make you always want to remember where your keys are, with your little heart of course!
These come in a range of colours from natural to lime green and blood red and are locally hand-made here in the Natal Midlands. To make them especially African, we also have a black heart made from Ostrich leather.
So if you're looking for a little gift for someone special call into Simply Sam Antique Brocante & Gifts or visit us at

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What can you expect to find at the Country Courtyard, Nottingham Road?

Simply Sam Antique Brocante & Gifts began as a tiny little shop in Fort Nottingham in 2007, progressing to Nottingham Road in 2008 to a much bigger open plan shed which has allowed us to stock bigger pieces of furniture and some stunning gift items. The ambiance is both inspiring and refreshing as besides antiques and vintage pieces, we also stock new interior items, all of which are available over our website , so if you are looking for a special gift for someone, you can order it over our website and we will gift wrap and send, together with a little card, to a person of your choice.
The whole experience of shopping at the Country Courtyard Centre, situated around a stone and wrought iron oblisk in a French style Courtyard, is intimate and relaxed where one can enjoy a lunch at the infamous Cafe Bloom with their mismatch of crockery and welcoming environment. Sally Pereira's Country Company sells a whole array of glam and simple interior and gift items as well as a stunning range of adult and children's clothing, you certainly won't want to go away empty handed! For directions and enquiries telephone Sam on 033 2666940. We are situated on the R130 Nottingham Road (next door to the police station). Our opening hours are 10-4pm from Wed to Mon, closed Tuesdays. Our website is open 24 hours a day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Temperatures Drop

Wow it was freezing here today, and that was after souring temperatures yesterday where in Martizburg it was 31 degrees and we didn't do too badly with our heat here either. But today! We were really hoping for snow, but got a bit of rain instead. I made a nice log fire and packed out some of our new items which included a couple of Suzi Cooper Tea sets, which are really lovely, and some EP Retro Tea sets, a couple I quite fancy myself!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It is a stunning day here in Fort Nottingham. Jasmine scents the air, I feel the warmth of the sun on my back and i'm assured that life is really good here in sunny South Africa with the beauty of all that abounds. Today i'm having trees felled at home. Even our little guest cottage was starting to feel the arthritis in its bones from the lack of sun created by dozens of trees that had created their own little forest around it. The smell of the Deodar is just something else. Deodar trees are a type of fir tree and are known for the natural oil which protects the wood. For those against the felling of trees, you'll be pleased to know that all of this wood is going to have a second life as roof beams and furniture which will make its way into Simply Sam Antique Brocante & Gifts. So if you are looking for an alfresco table for those summer lunches on the horizon, let me know.

I have to say that is it amazing to watch these majestic trees fall so swiftly. Just seconds of noise and they're down! We've been told our children can start up a temporary business at the market with the sawdust, as people love to sprinkle this on their veggie patch to stop the snails. So look out for us at the Karkloof market!

The best part of all this for me is that slowly our view is starting to come back into our garden. We live in the most stunning nature reserve and at the bottom of the property my neighbour stables and breeds horses, which we can now actually see as the hills spread towards the horizon. I mean, isn't that why we move to beautiful places like this ..............

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Check out this stunning old Chamber of Justice Table

Fresh off the press - just look at this stunning curved table, which came out of one of the old chamber of justice courts. They are going to come up for sale soon, though I don't have a price yet. If anyone is interested let me know. They would make a stunning display table in a home or even a posh desk!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling lost? God is there for YOU

'The God of all comfort, who comforts us' 2 Corinthians 1;3
God can make you comfortable in the most uncomfortable places. He can pull you out of situations you thought you'd be stuck in forever. He can give you peace, even in the midst of trauma. Before your life is over, you'll live, love and experience loss. Losing some things will actually help you to appreciate the things you still have. It's the taste of failure that makes success so sweet. How can you celebrate victory unless you've known defeat? You'll live each day not knowing what tomorrow holds, but knowing that God holds all your tomorrows. They're not in the hands of your boss, your broker, your partner, or anybody else. Nor are they in your hands to manipulate and control. No, all your tomorrows are in God's hands! So whatever you do; get to know Him, because you'll need Him. And He'll be there for you. He'll be there when everbody and everything else has gone. He'll be there for you in the dark places. His promise to you is,'...Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning' (Psalm 30;5 Amp). However long the night, morning always comes and with it His joy. Just think, no matter how dark the night, you've alyways lived to see the morning. Correct? Somehow, His grace has protected you, provided for you, secured you, calmed and comforted you, and brought you through. Times and seasons change, but not God. He's always ...'The God of comfort ...' and He's watching over you today!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New use for an old silver teapot

If you have an old silver pot at home that you love, but can't think of a use, other than for display purposes, how about using it for a toothbrush holder?!!! Silver certainly looks very glam in a bathroom. If you have any other ideas, why not add your comments here....