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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Modigliani, Catacombs and walking in the rain

It poured down today, our first day where we were out in the rain, so we put off the Brocante until later, in favour of a Modigliani exhibit at Pinacothèque de Paris. I have an original copy of a Modigliani done by Paula who lives in Nottingham Road. It is oil on canvas and my favourite painting.
I was in awe standing in front of original Modigliani art and even Maurice Utrillo. I have a beautiful chromolithograph at Simply Sam of a Utrillo, and I've always loved both artists.

We waltzed through the Parisian rues visiting antique shop after antique shop, on our way to the Catacombs, obviously in one of the most upmarket areas of Paris judging by the prices. Baroque, Retro, designer - all stunningly beautiful shops that put some of our best South African shops to shame. Though when you think most of the items originate from Europe, you would expect nothing less. Who can afford to purchase in this area is another story, the prices were exhorbitant
Walking back from the Catacombs, we stumbled upon a Monastary shop, more so because we are Catholic, else we may never have found it. There was an unbelievable choice of beautiful linen, but even the Nuns know their stuff, and the prices were not cheap. I managed to find a beautiful square table cloth with twelve matching serviettes, so dainty, perfect for a tea party.

Next we found a vintage book shop and I was thrilled to find three Retro titles that are quite rare to find - this was a good end to a day of shopping before the big Brocantes tomorrow.

The Catacombs were something else, reputedly the largest in the world. Millions of bodies were exhumed and moved here, to their final resting place. To see hundreds of bones and skulls, stacked neatly, and some even displayed in 'designed' arches and semi circles is wierd, if not a little disconcerting. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I would be stuck thirty metres underground for the two hours that it takes to walk to the exit, but it was well worth the experience. One comes out of there realising how insignificant we really are.

In Paris space is at a premium and this we realised as we exited ghe Catacombs, and spotted a car in the street, literally packed to the rafters with 'stuff'. Probably the cheapest storage you'll find in this costly city.

Last night we ate, and drank, at Chez Chatelier as promised. At 9.45pm, people were still queuing and we managed to get in just before closing. It was a hive of activity as waiters and Garçons buzzed busily around more than a hundred patrons.
At 50 Euros for a four course a la carte menu with a bottle of house wine for two people, this was extremely reasonable by Parisians standards and a must do for anyone visiting Paris on a budget.

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