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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The French Way

Socialised dogs, baguettes and people who arrive with their piano on a set of wheels who then sit and play in the middle of the Rue are just part and parcel of French life...
As I write i'm sitting at Cafe le Grille Montorguile on Rue Montorguile, sipping 'Leffe' - French beer. It's 7.30pm, still day light, a dog rests his head on the table next to me. People are streaming past on their way to who knows where. A man arrives, with his piano, pushed through the streets on a set of wheels, that he pushes away and proceeds to play, like a Maestro, literally in front of where we are seated. We're in Paris, would you expect anything less. Yesterday we had the privillege of listening to a pseudo Eva Peron. Could life get better than this.

Today we had a rest from scouring antiques. Instead we headed straight for the Louvre. En route we popped in at Astier de Villatte which is a stunning atelier known for their unusual ceramics, based mainly on the designs of vintage pottery. I couldn't help thinking of Mud, which I stock at Simply Sam Trading, and Mick Haige from our own Fort Nottingham. In fact I showed photos of Mick's stock to the assistant who wrote down Mick's web address. I'd gone there especially to treat myself to a ceramic playing card, until I saw they are made in Germany - just didn't feel right to be buying German when I'm in France. Instead I treated myself to a funky pair of reading glasses from - editeur d'objets a Paris.
The Louvre was stunning. Winding our way back we happened upon the red light district. I wondered why there were so many under dressed ladies. Surprisingly not all young and lovely.
Tomorrow first a vide Grenieder (which could take a while) and then Musee d'Orsay to view my favourite artist Modigliani.
The wine is flowing, and the music plays on. Time to enjoy the foie gras, and Moelleux au chocolat coulant creme anglais

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