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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tshwane City Council all in a meeting?!!!

This is what I find amusing about living in South Africa (and i'm sure it could quite possibly be the same in France, but let me know), I phone through to Pretoria City Council this morning with a query and I am told by the switchboard operator "they are all in a meeting". Is that possible? The only time I could imagine an entire employment force being 'in a meeting' is if the place is burning down! Any comments out there?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peaceful Weaving Studio on the Midlands Meander

The owners of Shuttleworth Weaving were founder members of the Midlands Meander concept and thus the business is one of the oldest running in the area, in operation for over thirty years. In their quiet studio, on a steep forested hill, on the Fort Nottingham road, you will find a wide array of custom made items, including hand woven mohair rugs and carpets, throws, scarves and shawls, all made with natural fibres (mohair, wool & cotton) hand-spun and naturally dyed on the premises. Their products are unique and beautiful and many are exported, again amazingly, from this sleepy little hollow. The family are committed to their workers, making this a really wholesome business.
Andy & Helen Stuttleworth tel: 033 2666 818

I couldn't resist taking this photo of one of the local ladies, at the entrance of Shuttleworth, with calamine lotion on her face, so typical of African ladies in the area with their 'sun screen' applied to their faces.

From a wattle & daub studio in Nottingham Road - destination - all corners of the globe

Don't miss Sally and Mick Haig's exhibition of their ceramic art at their restaurant, Cafe Bloom, over the Easter weekend, as part of a 'rolling exhibition' of local artist in the Natal Midlands.  Sally and Mick produce sculptural Pots and functional art from their tiny wattle and daub studio just outside Nottingham Road and only a limited amount of items are made. 

What amazes me is what Mick and Sally produce from this sleepy little hollow, and the fact that it gets delivered to all corners of the globe. It was only just over a year ago that Mick was having supper with Sir Terance Conran in London, after Terance placed an order for some of Mick's ceramics. The photo on the left is stock, packed up and ready to be delivered to Italy, UK and the US to name but a few destinations. So don't miss the opportunity to view, and possibly treat yourself to some of this stunning art. Contact Michael or Sally on 0725290227. 

Other artist taking part in the 'Rolling Exhibition' include Shuttleworth Weaving, Corrie Lynn and Co, Hilford Pottery, Ground Cover, Ardmore Ceramic Art, Sterlings Wrought Iron and The Wood Turner. The exhibition runs from 2-5 April 2010. Visit for more information.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breasts at the Karkloof Market

If you are in the Midlands area for the Easter weekend, remember the Karkloof market will be open for business as usual - Saturdays from 7am-11am. How to spend your latest wad of cash in less than an hour, but everything is great, and why shop at Pick n Pay when you can purchase home bakes, cheeses, veggies, local meats, eggs and yummy breakfast fresh from the vendors?

Having been told we had to have a bagel, we headed straight to the Bagel stall. Chalked up on the board outside was what looked like a pair of breasts. A very well to do lady, with a very posh accent, marched up to the owner. "Is that your sign outside?" she blurted. "Yes" said the owners, "is there a problem?". "Well yes", said the lady. "You've spelt delicious wrong"!

I then toddled off to another little table where I usually buy delicious home baked baps. This time they also had mini Portuguese milk tarts which I was told "is an absolute favourite .... in Australia". Is that why the basket was still full in SA? Well I bought one for lunch and it was good. And then, have you ever heard of a 'bean tart'? The man assured me they are not savoury, but sweet, and definitely won't make you fart!

The coffee is 'three cups later' - great, and I was thrilled to beat someone to the last packet of mixed lettuce, fresh from the farm. My weekly veggies cost me only R48! Support the business that sells the biscuits etc. which has the purple label as this is a job creation project and support system for many struggling Africans. As I walked out of the market I saw a gorgeous blonde coming towards me with about eight little children in tow. "Are you from the purple project"? I asked - knowingly not having to wait for the reply.

Make your way to the centre of Howick and take the road leading to the Karkloof area, and its a couple of kms down the road on the right hand side.

High Tea with 'Centre Piece Hire'

How we're spoilt in Africa with stunning homes, lovely sunshine, and high tea on the 'stoop'.....
Stuart Mitchell of 'Centre Piece Hire' hosted a high tea at Kinnord House in Essenwood Road, Durban. What a grand old plantation style home, circa 1910, the perfect location for a party. The occasion was the first (SA) birthday of this stylish events company who specialise in vintage style 'High Tea' parties, put together with such elegance, and they certainly know their stuff after having relocated from the UK where they hosted parties for the 'rich and (in)famous'.

Our Midlands setting is perfect for tea on the lawn! So if you are planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday, etc. they will travel to where ever you are.  Contact Stuart Mitchell on 0848195694

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Umlungu and the Zulu!

I had the most wonderful gardener when I moved here. I called him 'Madala' , which means 'old man' in Zulu, and he was getting on. Most of the enormous trees in my garden he claimed to have planted when he was a boy. He sadly died last year of TB, something that should never happen in this day and age. He couldn't speak English and I, Zulu, but some how we managed and as time went on, he taught me a couple of Zulu words. He would often go off to the Shabeen (local illegal pub) and get steaming drunk. I'd feel like his 'other' wife as he would come staggering home and I'd yell that I'd made his supper over an hour ago and "you've been to the shabeen again haven't you"! His smiling face was a picture.

I love chatting to my staff, but my current maid hardly speaks a word of English. I managed to get a joke across recently when she told me we needed more chicken food. "Are there any 'iliqanda' (eggs)?" I asked, knowing there weren't any. "Well, no 'sebenza' (work), no food" I said. Her hearty laugh assured me she has a good sense of humour. I sometimes get home to the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers that she puts together from our garden. She was re-doing our self catering cottage, and I saw she had put together an equally beautiful arrangement for the guests. Could she be missing her calling as a florist?!!!

I've blogged about my new gardener before, but have to mentioned that I'd asked her what her dream in life is. I was gob smacked to hear she wants to be a dental technician. So if there is anyone out there who thinks they can help in this regard, please let me know. 

On new years day, cycling down my road, I was horrified to see how one of the local ladies was now a shadow of her former self. I thought how lucky I am with good health and this lady looked like a walking skeleton. After enquiring after her health she told me she was awaiting her HIV results, which I now know are positive. I'd not seen her for a while and thought she must have passed away, though recently I saw her again and was so pleased to hear she had managed to get anti-retro viral and is now, in her own words, "number one!".

I'm grateful for the fact that I have been afforded the opportunity to learn more about the Zulus, since moving here, even if its just a few words. In the post office recently, when a Zulu man was standing almost on top of me in the queue, I felt compelled to say something, and not at all in a nasty way. I politely asked him why the Zulus, as a rule, do this and discovered that it is considered a way of letting people know they have nothing to hide, unlike the  'umlungu' (white person) who will stand far away, their handbags grasped tightly to their waist, as they are generally terrified in this crime ridden South Africa. 

I think the language barriers we have in South Africa are one of the biggest down falls. I would love the government to offer free lessons to anyone interested in learning the languages, as it could go a long way in bridging the gap. Although, which one of the thirteen official languages would you choose from?!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

From sun drenched Cosmos to drenched ......

This morning I was all set to tell you about the stunning Cosmos lining our roads (hence the photograph on the right), which reminds me Easter time is just around the corner, and how special it was seeing  one of the locals jogging and her little son, Sam, cycling at her side, such was the beautiful Sunny morning. Instead the build up of clouds in the afternoon resulted in one major hail storm which left the scenery white over as if snow had fallen. Obviously hail being that much heavier, it reeked havoc, and yet now there is just a light patter of rain outside and floods of water inside my shop! I had a customer in my shop, who was held hostage to the weather for a good twenty minutes! Wendy, from Cafe Bloom, tells me the customers had to stand whilst eating their soup, for fear their little feet might get wet from the floods inside the restaurant. All in a days work....

Today is the Michaelhouse/Hilton bi-annual sports day,  which has, no doubt, been rained out. This is where two of South Africa's premier high schools play one another in various sports, primarily rugby and hockey, with the culmination of the day being the main rugby match between the two schools. A friendly rivalry has developed over the years and has a great following with the locals, what a pity about the rain. Though I did read one can walk from one end of the Michaelhouse building to the other without getting wet. Well isn't that just perfect on a day like today!

Hilton college and Michaelhouse are the only two full boarding schools left in South Africa and are both located near one another in our beautiful area. The grounds and buildings are reminiscent of some of the UK's top private schools, a truly privileged education.  

The Midlands is loosely known as the area with four seasons in one day, so to end, the sun shine has returned and we're back to another beautiful day in sunny South Africa.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Retreat in the Hamlet of Fort Nottingham

You have to admit that its great to get away when you're living in the city, away from the daily pressures that life demands of us. I am biased, but the Natal Midlands is a stunning area to visit. If you have never visited this beautiful area then you won't know that the scenery is stunning and has some of the most wonderful cycling to be had, that you can fly fish in some of the most pristine waters, that the Midlands Meander is full of the most interesting places to visit including potters, sculptors, country restaurants, gift and antique shops and much much more.
The Hamlet of Fort Nottingham is 15km out of Nottingham Road, surrounded on three sides by mountains in a nature reserve, and has to be one of the most peaceful places to stay for a weekend. Nature includes various buck, monkeys, baboons, various small mammals and the most prolific bird life. Look out for Blue Crane on your way, and for horse lovers you'll love the foals and horses that abound.
Things to do, other than just doing nothing, include stunning walks or cycling up the mountain, lesser walks over the river and up the infamous 'Highland Games Kilted Run', walking through the forest in the nature reserve, a visit to the local grave yard (full of history), a bite of lunch at Els Amics restaurant and a stroll around the Fort Nottingham Museum with its interesting little shops.
Where to stay? Sherwood Forest self catering Guest Cottage, once the home of the French restaurant 'Cafe le Fort', sleeps four in one double and 2 single beds. More appropriate for a young family as the rooms are inter-leading. It is very rustic, yet quaint, and is set in a lovely mature garden within the Fort.
The hamlet of Fort Nottingham is ideal if its peace and quiet you are looking for. Excepting, of course, Saturday 15th  May when you have to don your kilt for the annual Highland Games. An event not to be missed, so book your accommodation early.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sam's having a gas!

The one thing you need to know about me, is that I love cooking and eating, the kind of person who takes cookery books and magazines to bed to read the recipes! So today i'm smiling after the purchase of a new, more sophisticated, gas cooker. Not that there was anything wrong with the old one. No, even when I ran out of gas the other evening, the electric rings in the centre of my old cooker saved the day. But I just couldn't resist the glimmer and attraction of this new one (especially with its convection oven) which I can already picture in our 'new kitchen', the new kitchen which is still only half built!

The other thing you should know about me, is that the property we own, used to house a little (little being the operative word) French restaurant called 'Cafe le Fort' and ever since I have dreamt of inviting friends for supper there, so I can pretend I have my very own restaurant without the strings attached. After reading Susan Herrmann Loomis' books 'On Rue Tatin' (highly recommended for those escapism foodies) I can see myself re-creating something similar to her little cookery school in Normandy, France. One can only dream.

Who of you have watched 'Come Dine with Me' on TV? Well that is my idea of a fun night out. I challenge anyone living in my area to join me in putting together our very own version of this exciting show and girls, watch out for that dinner invitation at Cafe le Fort!

Check out Susan Loomis' website on She does have a blog too, but her website is so much nicer....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recycling and eco friendly environments

Part of down-shifting has to include a nod towards living in an 'eco' environment where recycling should really be second nature to you. In South Africa we are still way behind the rest of the world, but we are at least giving the whole recycling thing a bash. Even before I moved permanently to the countryside we had our different kinds of bins in which to separate our garbage, though now we have Muncipal refuse removal they do tend to just bung everything into the same lorry. I am assured by my friend that people scouting the dumps for things are still happy  to find bags of the same thing which they don't have to sort through.

I also have a huge compost heap, ( nothing quite like spreading your own waste on one's garden) which I love, as well as a little wormery that we keep at the back door (my son's baby). My compost bin, inside the kitchen, is an old recyled pedal bin, painted in the colours of the Union Jack (yes patriotic!) with 'compost' written on it, so there's no making a mistake which bin is which.

Then there's nothing quite like recycling furniture. This is obviously one of my favourite past times. My best recycle of late has to be a matching pair of vintage Barbers chairs which I had recovered in Nguni skin. They now look stunning and could fit into any vintage or modern home.

I have to punt the fact that we sell Wormeries at our shop, though still have't quite figured out how they fit into a Brocante! We have a special on our wormeries at the moment with a discounted price, to encourage recycling in our area. So instead of the normal price of R450 they are now R400 until the end of March 2010. Click here to order

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Davante Living re-opens

Just pasted Rawdons on the R103, going down the Balgowan Road on the right hand side, 'Davante' Living' has just re-opened after a couple years of silence. At Davante, meaning Beloved, you will find a quaint little coffee shop surrounded by bookshelves of books to read or purchase at your leisure, like visiting a library with other perks! Quaint little items are for sale including kitchen smalls as well as furniture. Pop in for a slice of homemade cake and some of the best fresh coffee on the Meander. Tel: 022 2666097 or email:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Out-reach in Africa

I have to say that I do love helping people but my Mother Teresa purpose in life has never really showed itself the way i've thought it would and I have often said to people that I personally don't think I have the humility Mother Teresa must have had, caring for people.

However our new gardener, who started working for us a few weeks ago, has a plight in life that I would like to share with you, in the hope that you may feel inspired to assist. We sometime underestimate the degree to which aids affects people, especially the families left behind, more over when that family is not directly linked emotionally to our own. We can ooh and aah, but then we can go home to our happy little nucleus.

TK, as my new gardener is known, has six children. She is twenty eight years of age. These children are not her own. She has one sister of twenty two and had two other sisters, both of which died of an un-known illness. These sisters left behind six children between them from the ages of five to fifteen, all of which TK is now responsible for. She cannot work for me full time, mainly because of the cost and time involved in getting to my property which is very far away and also because her family rely on her being there for them. She has found herself in a catch twenty two situation with responsibilities far in excess for someone of such a young age. Her younger sister is fortunate to be studying agriculture, but does not yet bring in an income.

In South Africa this situation is familiar to thousands of people across the country and is nothing new. Accepting this young lady is new to me and has crossed my path in life. So I am bringing her fate to you in the hope that together we can do something to help. So what do you think? Obviously financial is the first priority but she could be helped in many other ways. If you are interested to assist, drop me a line. This lady lives near         Howick, so a job offer closer to home is a possibility. So is clothing, food parcels etc.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekends are for weddings ..............

I thought this so appropriate for all those couples getting married, or planning their weddings, because the Midlands has to be the place to tie the knot, such is the romanticism of the area, and we have the most fabulous venues to choose from. 

This wedding was at Lythwood Lodge and Barbara Zietsman, owner and driver of the wedding carriage, said it had been raining all week and she was panic-stricken, only to wake up at 3.30am to see clear skies and stars. She says she slept like a baby after that! 

Sassy Sue, the horse leading the way, is a purebred Hackney. Hackneys are specially bred for carriage driving and are used all over the world. Barbara, the owner says "they are spectacular! I just love her - she has such a sense of occasion!". And doesn't she just. Though you don't look too bad yourself Barbara!

If you are planning that special occasion in the future don't just make it special, make it magical with this horse drawn carriage. You are sure to take everyones breath away. 

Contact Barbara Zietsman directly on 0828545698 or email

p.s Special Offer at Hartford House - Exclusive Getaways are offering a special between now and the end of March 2010 at Hartford House - Bed & Breakfast R560 per person. Only through Exclusive Getaways -  Book now at

Thursday, March 11, 2010

From Pretoria to Nottingham Road, with love ......

Cycling to work this morning I passed a couple of Blue Crane with their chicks, a first for me, and I thought back to the days I would take the kids to the Blue Crane Sanctuary in Pretoria, as a way of trying to create a little countryside environment in the city. So hear I am enjoying this peace and tranquility on a daily basis, running my antique & vintage shop, being called by my first name in the bank and where two is a queue at the local post office.  I collect my children from school at way past four o clock, and I am not charged for this privillage, and our children have the freedom to remain children in a relaxed 'family' environment, where they are thriving. The other day I had a real tear jerker when I walked into teacher Caroline's class rehearsing 'Caravan' - a sea of multicultural kids singing at the top of their voices and genuinely having a ball. What a very special site to behold, a memory to treasure.

Yesterday I receive an expected call from a local shop owner who had mentioned she was pulling out her old Lavender bushes, and were being pulled out that day, did I want them? I call my friend Elena (another 'down shifter' from Pretoria) who promptly jumps into her car. Then I get a call, "should I take my trailer?". Then another call "where am I going?". Then another call "you crazy, mad lady, I need a truck to load all this Lavender!" Not having planned for this un-expected call from me, she now has a mound of work to keep her busy. No doubt there will be dried lavender bunches and pot pourie hearts for sale in Nottingham Road soon. And so it goes, this countryside life style, where time really does feel like it can be stored up for a rainy day or any other day for that matter....

Anyone for movies?

I have to share this with you. Living in this sleepy little hollow, the one thing I have missed since moving from Pretoria, was the option to pop in, of an eve, to watch a nice art movie. So last night a group of us got together real early, made the great trek to Pietermaritzburg (an hours drive away for some of us), and had a wonderful light supper and toddled off to the movies to pay for our tickets. Now at some point one of us did mention the idea of purchasing our tickets before supper, even during supper, but somehow we didn't listen and were promptly turned away from the movies with "sorry, sold out", and we haven't watched a movie in months!

If you're in Nottingham Road this Friday Kings School (just off the Loteni Road) are hosting 'Somethings gotta Give' on the big screen, at 6pm. Wine & snacks included, for a nominal fee, with a separate movie showing for the kids. All welcome.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Festive France - new stock just arrived

Our new stock of Festive France has just been up-packed, so if you were waiting for your copy, pop in to Simply Sam Antique Brocante & Gifts soon, whilst we still have stock. This book has been so popular that we couldn't get hold of it and the publisher had to do a re-print. On that note we couldn't believe it when the other day when we actually got an order from the United States for Festive France! Now how's that for global shopping. Visit our website for on-line orders of this book.

The little little Iron house - new home of Exitus Paper & Coffee Connection

Exitus has been making hand-made paper in Nottingham road for years and used to employ as many as fifty people, such was the demand for their product. The advent of the Internet has put pay to most people hand writing letters and thus Exitus has slowed down somewhat, though they still make the prettiest papers in a whole range of colours, perfect for special occasion invitations such as weddings cards.

Recently they moved both the paper shop and  The Exitus Coffee Connection to the most quaint and hidden gem of a place just at the back of the Spar centre in Nottingham Road. Now housed in an original wood and iron building on over 6000 sqm of lovely grounds, with a pretty view and lots of space for the kids to run around. Mounds and mounds of Midlands charm, oozing with ambiance and yet right in the center of Nottingham Road, so you can even nip next door to the local Spar do a bit of stocking up.

Wednesday is market day at the Coffee Connection where fresh produce and home industry bakes are for sale in the gardens, all home grown locally. Margaret, the owner, also makes delicious biscuits and other treats which are for sale daily in her shop. If all that wasn't enough, take time out to visit Claudia in her log cabin for a session of massage therapy and reflexology.

Exitus – call Margaret on (033) 266 6582

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Country Company

Owned and managed by Sally Pereira, Country Company, in the Country Courtyard Centre, has to be one of the most stunning and successful businesses on the Midlands Meander. You kinda don't feel you have been to the Midlands without having stopped and bought something from this gorgeous, decor inspired, shop. Brand new stock has just been un-packed, after the 'end of tax year sale' cleared out the old stock, so hurry along and see what's new.
The Country Courtyard Centre was developed by Sally and her husband Carlos Pereira, centered around a stunning English country garden which was designed by local landscaper Gary Cox. You'll find Country Company, Cafe Bloom, Simply Sam Antique Brocante & Gifts (my shop) and ceramics by the well known Mick Haigh, co-owner of Cafe Bloom. One of the most delightful places to stop, shop and unwind on the Midlands Meander..... children's playground on the premises.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Els Amics Restaurant

If you are in Nottingham road over a weekend, remember Els Amics (previously of Pietermaritzburg) is open Saturday and Sunday for lunch in the hamlet of Fort Nottingham (children over 12 years welcome Tel: 033 2666982). Supper parties are by prior arrangement. Get onto their mailing list for info regarding their regular theme dinners

This little hamlet is really beautiful, built within a nature reserve, and well worth driving the 15km from Nottingham road. The local Fort Nottingham Museum is open Thursday to Sunday from 10-4pm and the Sherwood Forest self catering cottage is available for hire tel: 0726059909

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot chocolate & La Baguette

Yesterday I spent the day stock taking in the shop. Today, as its turned out, is overcast and misty and verrrrry chilly, so hot chocolate is the order of the day and a good time to finish the stock take whilst there are so few people around. I have received a number of sales over the web which, besides being comforting, says something about being able to work from anywhere.

My friend Liza reminded me yesterday of the French Patisserie & Boulangerie 'La Baguette' at the Green Acres Centre in Howick - tel: 033 3304491). Owned by a number of French speaking friends, this is really a mouth watering place to visit where they not only sell a fabulous selection of pastries, sweets and breads, but also present them in a gift wrapped style that makes your purchase very special - you know you are consuming something worth getting fat for! And as they say on their pamphlet "move onto the French way and come every day."

Which brings me to a point I wanted to make about living in the countryside and owning a business. I just never find the time to do my grocery shopping and I really do want to buy local and wholesome. So yesterday I made a point of finally ordering my bulk meats from a local 'grower' of beef, pork and chicken. Another supplier I found will deliver seasonal fruit & veg, fresh from the farm, and our local dairy will supply our milk which has the most delumptious cream which I scape off to make yummy chocolate mousse. (Watch this space for the easy recipe which will be posted soon.) One of my neighbours kindly gave me a butter churn and my kids were so excited to make butter, though the novelty quickly wore thin.

 We recently planted cabbage and cauliflower and our herb garden has taken on a life of its own. It is so satisfying to pick fresh herbs as and when you need them. We just have to keep everything out of reach of monkeys and chickens who always seem to get to ripe produce, just before we do. Even the freshly laid eggs don't seem to escape the crafty eyes of the monkeys.

Friday night is Pizza night at our house made with the most amazing Italian dough recipe which has Semolina added. The Mozzarella is from a local supplier. Remind me to post this recipe too.
Bon Appetit

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eco Living

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to a couple of people in the shop who have interests in Eco Living, and they reminded me of my dream to build a Cob house. The word cob comes from an old English root meaning a lump or rounded mass. In fact bread rolls in some parts of England are referred to as 'cobs'. Cob building uses hands and feet to form lumps of earth mixed with sand and straw, an aesthetic and sensory experience similar to sculpting with clay. Cobbing is easy to learn and inexpensive to build and earth is, after all, God's given gift to us. It has been used for hundreds of years to build housing, even in the coastal areas of England where properties as old as 300 years still stand.
A couple of years ago I donned my pink spotted wellies and headed off to Jill Hogan's Alternative Technology Centre in McGregor in the Cape. My husband, who at the time was a suit and tie man, wondered what I was getting him into as we arrived at this half built 'mud' house in McGregor where we were to spend the weekend, well, building! There was something very grounding (excuse the pun) about squashing mud with your wellies and forming this into something that could be turned into your very own accommodation. Our bedroom had in fact been built by previous 'students' and was actually very nice and even had a built in air conditioning system, so it was warm in winter, cool in summer. We ate food cooked in a solar cooker, which was very basic, but some of the best food I had savored, the ambiance of McGregor adding to this of course.
Cobbing does not have to look alternative either. I read a fascinating article in a UK decor magazine about a couple who had built a cob house (with marble floors), which looked very conventional and was stunning both inside and out. It had cost them (about 6 years ago) Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds to build and once completed was worth three times that price.
Whether my ambition will remain a dream only time will tell. In the mean time I need to get on with restoring our current century old house.
Jill Hogan
McGregor Alternative Technology Centre
Tel: 023 625 1533