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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breasts at the Karkloof Market

If you are in the Midlands area for the Easter weekend, remember the Karkloof market will be open for business as usual - Saturdays from 7am-11am. How to spend your latest wad of cash in less than an hour, but everything is great, and why shop at Pick n Pay when you can purchase home bakes, cheeses, veggies, local meats, eggs and yummy breakfast fresh from the vendors?

Having been told we had to have a bagel, we headed straight to the Bagel stall. Chalked up on the board outside was what looked like a pair of breasts. A very well to do lady, with a very posh accent, marched up to the owner. "Is that your sign outside?" she blurted. "Yes" said the owners, "is there a problem?". "Well yes", said the lady. "You've spelt delicious wrong"!

I then toddled off to another little table where I usually buy delicious home baked baps. This time they also had mini Portuguese milk tarts which I was told "is an absolute favourite .... in Australia". Is that why the basket was still full in SA? Well I bought one for lunch and it was good. And then, have you ever heard of a 'bean tart'? The man assured me they are not savoury, but sweet, and definitely won't make you fart!

The coffee is 'three cups later' - great, and I was thrilled to beat someone to the last packet of mixed lettuce, fresh from the farm. My weekly veggies cost me only R48! Support the business that sells the biscuits etc. which has the purple label as this is a job creation project and support system for many struggling Africans. As I walked out of the market I saw a gorgeous blonde coming towards me with about eight little children in tow. "Are you from the purple project"? I asked - knowingly not having to wait for the reply.

Make your way to the centre of Howick and take the road leading to the Karkloof area, and its a couple of kms down the road on the right hand side.


  1. What fun, wish we had one here :-)

    Leeann x

  2. Surely you've got loads of these markets in France?

  3. your absolutely great at writing these things mom!...