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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot chocolate & La Baguette

Yesterday I spent the day stock taking in the shop. Today, as its turned out, is overcast and misty and verrrrry chilly, so hot chocolate is the order of the day and a good time to finish the stock take whilst there are so few people around. I have received a number of sales over the web which, besides being comforting, says something about being able to work from anywhere.

My friend Liza reminded me yesterday of the French Patisserie & Boulangerie 'La Baguette' at the Green Acres Centre in Howick - tel: 033 3304491). Owned by a number of French speaking friends, this is really a mouth watering place to visit where they not only sell a fabulous selection of pastries, sweets and breads, but also present them in a gift wrapped style that makes your purchase very special - you know you are consuming something worth getting fat for! And as they say on their pamphlet "move onto the French way and come every day."

Which brings me to a point I wanted to make about living in the countryside and owning a business. I just never find the time to do my grocery shopping and I really do want to buy local and wholesome. So yesterday I made a point of finally ordering my bulk meats from a local 'grower' of beef, pork and chicken. Another supplier I found will deliver seasonal fruit & veg, fresh from the farm, and our local dairy will supply our milk which has the most delumptious cream which I scape off to make yummy chocolate mousse. (Watch this space for the easy recipe which will be posted soon.) One of my neighbours kindly gave me a butter churn and my kids were so excited to make butter, though the novelty quickly wore thin.

 We recently planted cabbage and cauliflower and our herb garden has taken on a life of its own. It is so satisfying to pick fresh herbs as and when you need them. We just have to keep everything out of reach of monkeys and chickens who always seem to get to ripe produce, just before we do. Even the freshly laid eggs don't seem to escape the crafty eyes of the monkeys.

Friday night is Pizza night at our house made with the most amazing Italian dough recipe which has Semolina added. The Mozzarella is from a local supplier. Remind me to post this recipe too.
Bon Appetit

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