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Saturday, March 20, 2010

From sun drenched Cosmos to drenched ......

This morning I was all set to tell you about the stunning Cosmos lining our roads (hence the photograph on the right), which reminds me Easter time is just around the corner, and how special it was seeing  one of the locals jogging and her little son, Sam, cycling at her side, such was the beautiful Sunny morning. Instead the build up of clouds in the afternoon resulted in one major hail storm which left the scenery white over as if snow had fallen. Obviously hail being that much heavier, it reeked havoc, and yet now there is just a light patter of rain outside and floods of water inside my shop! I had a customer in my shop, who was held hostage to the weather for a good twenty minutes! Wendy, from Cafe Bloom, tells me the customers had to stand whilst eating their soup, for fear their little feet might get wet from the floods inside the restaurant. All in a days work....

Today is the Michaelhouse/Hilton bi-annual sports day,  which has, no doubt, been rained out. This is where two of South Africa's premier high schools play one another in various sports, primarily rugby and hockey, with the culmination of the day being the main rugby match between the two schools. A friendly rivalry has developed over the years and has a great following with the locals, what a pity about the rain. Though I did read one can walk from one end of the Michaelhouse building to the other without getting wet. Well isn't that just perfect on a day like today!

Hilton college and Michaelhouse are the only two full boarding schools left in South Africa and are both located near one another in our beautiful area. The grounds and buildings are reminiscent of some of the UK's top private schools, a truly privileged education.  

The Midlands is loosely known as the area with four seasons in one day, so to end, the sun shine has returned and we're back to another beautiful day in sunny South Africa.

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  1. love those summer storms you get in the midlands-wish we would get some rain its been so hot in durban.