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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's cool at the Grahamstown Festival?!!

Shows to watch out for next time include 'Girl in the Yellow Dress', 'Eight' (CAPA), Kaput, Mike Sampson Feels Funny, Rump Steak, Khokho's Suitcase & The Adventures of a little Nobody (great kid's show), I have to say that some of the shows were greatly educational for our children, sometimes a bit 'too' educational?
We loved our accommodation on the old Bedford Rd, Hilton House, which was just perfect to accommodate our whole family. Their little pet Meerkat was sooo cute!
We found a little Indian curry restaurant in the main part of Grahamstown which was so authentic, even down to its plastic table cloths. At R18-R25 for a curry, who could argue.
My children were not impressed with the historical 'walking tour' I booked us on and still said they are going to get me back as they considered it 'sooo boring'!!!!

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