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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Upcycled Victorian Dining Chairs

So you've inherited Granny's Victorian dining chairs and you love Granny, but hate the chairs. So what do you do? Many of us have a totally mismatched decor scheme, with all the funny things we've inherited, and we just can't bear to part with the items we're emotionally attached to, but when all you want is a beautiful home you do have to sometimes be a little harsh and get rid.
However, if you're brave enough to revamp and upcycle your items you could create something quite spectacular. Some people though, simply cannot bear to change the authenticity of furniture that is antique, especially people who love wood - the thought of painting Walnut or Mahogany - absolutely not. 
Well that is just what we did to a beautiful set of six Victorian Walnut Chairs. We gave the wood a make over with white chalky paint, removed the old green velvet fabric and upcycled with a stunning Hessian fabric. What is unique about the fabric is the White Afrikaans Script printed onto the fabric which brings out the lovely white on the wood. Take a look and let us know what you think. Please 'like' us on Face Book if you agree with upcycling antiques.

A set of six CHAIRS upcycled in gorgeous Hessian with Afrikaans Script

3000 upcycled.JPG

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