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Friday, June 22, 2012

Letting go of your precious Antiques

I received a message from a local lady. Her elderly friend has moved into a tiny place and can't fit in all her lovely antiques. We know the story. The problem is, the big move is upon us. How do you sell these pieces of furniture quickly and with as little fuss as possible?
Selling your precious items, ones that you are emotionally attached to, can be problematic and even emotionally draining. You've lived with these special items for most of your family life, some of them family heirlooms, each piece telling its own special story, but "you can't take them with you" as the old adage goes.
Instead of the 'standard' route of calling in an auctioneer, Mrs .... chose to call in the services of Simply Sam Trading.
We have listed the items on our web store and, besides being beautiful items in immaculate condition, they are wholesale prices. The Chaise Longue could easily sell for double in a reputable retail antique store. On offer is also a Victorian Grandfather Chair and a stunning German Rosewood Sofa Table.Purchases can be made directly over the Simply Sam Trading secure card facility and delivery arranged on your behalf.

Let me know what you think ...

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