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Sunday, April 29, 2012

We're off to Paris ...

I'm counting down the days as we plan our buying trip to Paris ...

I can hardly contain my excitement at our forth coming trip to Il France, Paris. Our tickets are booked and so is our accommodation. All that's needed now is to pack a few things in a small suitcase and put this suitcase into a huge empty one, so I have space to bring back all those lovely vintage goodies.

When deciding where to stay, because Paris is such a huge city, you need to plot the markets you plan to visit on a map and make your decision from there. We have chosen to stay in an apartment, mainly to cut the high costs of hotels, but also because we wanted a truly French experience, and to see how the Parisians really live. Some of the apartments leave little space for your suitcase, they are so small, but that said, one could get some wonderful space saving ideas.

Our apartment is moments from Le Louvre and the river Seine. We have a whopping fifty square meters in a 17th Century building and a real bed. I say that because I noticed when looking, that many apartments have sofa beds or 'cupboard' beds, where the bed actually folds away in the day time into a cupboard. I've checked we have a proper shower too, as i've also heard some showers are almost over the toilet, making for a bit of a tight squeeze.

My husband bought 'Paris: Made by Hand' by Pia Jan Bijkerk which contains fifty shops where decorators, designers and stylists source their chic and unique items. Its a travel guide of a different kind, and I have already started to plot my favourite choices to ensure we don't miss a single thing.
Front Cover

Follow me on my journey and I'll fill you in on all the lovely places, antiques, food etc...

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