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Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the move and exciting plans ahead ...

I've just popped across to survey my new venue and cannot tell you how excited I am. We're moving our shop on Tuesday and hope to be open by the weekend, all going to plan. I know i'm very ambitious. Although i've had a wiggly tummy for the past couple of weeks, I must enjoy the challenge of creating new business ventures, otherwise why on earth would I even consider moving!
I know it's not exactly a new venture, but our new showroom will have gorgeous new elements to it. For instance Lara of 'Just Boutique events' will be facilitating various recreational workshops hosted at Fort Nottingham, which will include soap making, cookery, chocolate and various other creative workshops mainly for women, but children and men will also be catered for. Think cookery evening with a celebrity chef as the host for your birthday party. Lotsa fun and party party party!
As far as the showroom is concerned, we have a number of creative entrepeneurs in the area who make the most beautiful gift items which we hope to sell along with our antique and vintage items. Some of our old favourites such as our heart pottery by Urchin Art will still be available and I have been chatting with a couple of 'job creation' projects which are relatively new in the area who make beautiful blankets and other items using bamboo and another project with stunning chandeliers which are beaded from ceramic beads, soon to be made in the beautiful Natal Midlands.
Our neighbor, i'm sure, will continue the running of her new art gallery in our little '150yr old Town Hall' and not to forget Els Amics restaurant which is open for business each weekend doing lunches and supper.
We are still praying for a creative entrepeneur who loves to bake and is enthusiastic about running a little coffee shop on weekends. If you know of someone who loves the kitchen and people, and lives close to Nottingham, ask them to get in touch with me.

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  1. O Sam it all sounds so exciting!!Good luck with the move and i am sure it will look great once you have settled in.
    Keep us updated!!