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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would you 'settle' for a Monks Bench .......

I have to say that you either love the Monks Bench, or you hate it!  If you are the former then this is for you. I have been asked to sell two really lovely Monks Benches, one being light Oak and the other solid Teak. Though they are not antique, they are in excellent condition and make a wonderful statement in any boot room, entrance hall etc. 

Kindly follow the link below if you should be interested.

settle is a wooden bench, usually with arms and a high back, long enough to accommodate three or four sitters.
They are commonly movable, but occasionally fixed. It shares with the chest and the chair the distinction of great antiquity. Its high back was a protection from the draughts of medieval buildings, protection which was sometimes increased by the addition of winged ends or a wooden canopy. It was most frequently placed near the fire in the common sitting-room.
Constructed of oak or other hardwood, it was extremely heavy, solid, and durable. Few English examples of earlier date than the middle of the 16th century are extant; survivals from the Jacobean period are more numerous. Settles of the more expensive type were often elaborately carved or incised; others were divided into plain panels. They were commonly used in farmhouse kitchensFrom Wikipedia

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