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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Pink

Is colour just a fashion do you think? Have I been brainwashed by the decor mags, yet think I have a mind of mine own! Its just that I developed a craving for a kinda dusky Pink. It couldn't be sweet pink, Marshmellow Pink, or even bright smartie pink. No, it had to be this kinda greyish dusky pink. Try explaining that to the man in the paint shop when it seems there are hundreds of shades of pink to choose from. But I settled, on this, well, um, pink. I have painted a wall in our showroom pink, a wall in my kitchen, pink! My bath (as you can see) is ..... pink. Even my coffee mugs are pink - I had the audacity to email my supplier who supplies me with the gorgeous red heart pottery to ask her if perhaps, maybe, she could send a few items in - Pink? Imagine my delight when I received coffee mugs, dinner plates, side plates, milk jugs ....... all looking stunning in my kitchen (though I have to confess they're displayed alongside red and lime green which I think make a fab combination). Imagine to further my delight when I discover my neighbour, ceramicist Mick Haige, had mixed his very own combination of this dusky pink - and I am now the proud owner of a 'Mick Haige' dusky pink pitcher jug. So to complete the picture, enter my 'work in progress' garden and right in front of your very eyes you'll see I have my very own vintage pink (not dusky pink though unfortunately!) bicycle. So have I been conned? Well, i'm 'in the pink' and loving it!

In the Pink - meaning - In perfect condition, especially of health

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