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Thursday, April 8, 2010

People in the Midlands

Lisa Nicholas who owns our local photographic studio, 'Snaps', recently re-located her studio to 'The Junction' in Nottingham Road. She specialises in personal photographic portfolios including family portraits and, of course, weddings. I couldn't think of any where nicer to snap the family album than in the stunning setting of the Midlands and as lisa says in her own words:
The Facts:
· Art is personal, as is style· Each individual has different likes and dislikes.  · Each booking or session is tailored to suit the client.
Photography is probably best described as ‘the art of light capture’. Here’s hoping that you enjoy my style of ‘light capture’.Best regards,
Lisa.  Tel:  +27 (0) 724 555 905
Check out some of her work on

This morning I had Barbara pop in with freshly picked organic lettuce from her farm which, besides other things, she is growing and selling as part of her down shifting experience away from the madness of Johannesburg. What a simple, but lovely gesture, from a neighbor. Its the kind of thing we want to experience in the city, but it just doesn't happen.

Then Elena popped into the shop to say she was collecting her new puppy and my Son, who is crazy about dogs, went along for the ride and arrived at our house with little Zoë who is the most adorable cuddly puppy. Just look at those eyes!

I have to say that I haven't looked back since moving to the Midlands and now, in our third year here, feel this really was the right choice for us. My friend Belinda left the Midlands, after what she says was 'the best year of her life'. She is making plans to return here, once she has sold her Durban based transport business, to pick up where she left off. Her children were the happiest they had ever been, with space to run around and be children and, as she says, life was so simple here, stress just wasn't part of every day life anymore. So if there is anyone out there looking to get into the transport business drop me a line.

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