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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ode to Oranges - hot off the press

Midlander, Linda Hatting, followed her dream with her recently published 'Ode to Oranges' Recipe Book filled with delicious recipes á l'orange, a simple cookbook on oranges and "parts of my life through the seasons". Stunning photography and inspiring recipes from some of the top culinary venues in the Natal Midlands. This wonderful books allows you to take a piece of the beautiful Natal Midlands home with you. So go on, spoil yourself, or treat a friend. Available on line or direct from Blueberry Gallery Cafe, R103 Nottingham Road

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Week in the Kitchen - by Karen Dudley just arrived

I love this book, A Week in the Kitchen - by Karen Dudley - which has just arrived, so I am excited to say that our copies will be at Blue Berry Gallery Cafe tomorrow.

Karen Dudley is the owner of 'Kitchen' 111 Sir Lowry St, Woodstock, Cape Town and one can see, just flipping through her beautiful book that this is Cape Town's place to visit. Beautiful beautiful photography of real people, enjoying real food, in a real stunning place.

Karen's book can be ordered online at Simply Sam Trading - postage takes approximately 7 days or visit Blueberry Gallery Cafe, R103, open daily 8am-4pm

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spoil me Valentine

Even though I realise the commercial aspect of Valentines Day, I have to say that I love the idea, when we have inadvertently neglected our partners, to have a conscious excuse to spoil the one we love.
This year I have a 'surprise' booking at the local Thai restaurant. Our daughter is having a giggle to herself because my husband mentioned to her, that he is going to surprise me, at the same restaurant. The biggest surprise is going to be when he tries to book, at the last minute, and discovers their full. But that's fine. Because that's when I'll step in and say surprise, surprise.
Isn't that a lovely partnership - that we both had the same idea and know instinctively what the other is all about.

A couple of ideas for 'spoils' from Simply Sam Trading include these stunning French Armoires that are being sold at cost, due to space constraints.
If you are a red heart person then you'll love our 'red heart' pottery, available at Blueberry Gallery Cafe.
If you're partner has really forgotten who you are - nudge him back to reality with this cute, yet heart wrenching message, by John Bauer on ceramic tile.

Happy Valentines

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Woman & Home on persuing your Dreams

I see I made it into the latest edition of Woman & Home magazine and I have to say Karen Edwards did a superb job of the photographs. Check out the article here.
There are some lovely articles including one on Fee Halsted, founder and owner of Armore in Nottingham Road. Certainly worth buying.

Love a bargain? Beautiful Pieces of furniture with beautiful prices

Child's Desk & Chair
Your opportunity to purchase gorgeous quaility items that have 'URGENT SALE' attached to their price tag

If you love a bargain don't waste time in looking at these beautiful items displayed here, which have been priced to sell quickly. The owner no longer has space and has drastically reduced these items to move them quickly. So if you are a Francofile who has longed for a well priced French Armoire, don't miss your opportunity now. Because as they say, opportuntiy doesn't knock twice.

If you have a little darling of pre-school age, this stunning vintage chair with matching hinged desk, is one of a kind and could well become a family heir loom, handed down over generations to come. It is in perfect condition and will add a special look to any young child's room.

Large Edwardian Partner's DeskIf you work from home you deserve to have a large enough work space that gives you that 'boss' kinda feel. This is an Edwardian Partner's Desk with a lovely inlayed faux Leather top, double cupboard space one side and double drawer space on the other. So there you go, his & hers. Wife on one side, hubby on the other ...

All items available over our webstore:
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Vintage Stock just arrived at Simply Sam Trading - Antiques.Brocante.Gifts

We have just received a few small items at Simply Sam Trading. My favourite is a lovely worn vintage Persian Carpet - for lovers of Shabby Chic, this one is definitely for you. Take a peek ...
Worn Persian Carpet 

Vintage School Clock

I have just listed a very interesting item on Simply Sam Trading that of an old vintage School Bell Clock. You remember they would ring reminding you about tea breaks, lunch time, but best of all, end of school bell at 4pm, for people like me who were schooled in the UK.

So when I discovered this little gem, I got to thinking of all those parents who battle to raise their children in the mornings. Imagine installing this in your kitchen and have it set for 6am and, just like 'Pavlov's Dog', you're children would most probably jumped out of bed - conditioned so to the sound of the bell at school. It would certainly be an unsual conversational piece.