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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spoil me Valentine

Even though I realise the commercial aspect of Valentines Day, I have to say that I love the idea, when we have inadvertently neglected our partners, to have a conscious excuse to spoil the one we love.
This year I have a 'surprise' booking at the local Thai restaurant. Our daughter is having a giggle to herself because my husband mentioned to her, that he is going to surprise me, at the same restaurant. The biggest surprise is going to be when he tries to book, at the last minute, and discovers their full. But that's fine. Because that's when I'll step in and say surprise, surprise.
Isn't that a lovely partnership - that we both had the same idea and know instinctively what the other is all about.

A couple of ideas for 'spoils' from Simply Sam Trading include these stunning French Armoires that are being sold at cost, due to space constraints.
If you are a red heart person then you'll love our 'red heart' pottery, available at Blueberry Gallery Cafe.
If you're partner has really forgotten who you are - nudge him back to reality with this cute, yet heart wrenching message, by John Bauer on ceramic tile.

Happy Valentines

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