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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nottingham Road Transformed into a Magical Winter Wonderland

To wake up to soft flakes of snow falling, has to be one of the most wonderful things, but to have this in the beautiful surrounds where we live is amazing, as forests of trees, mountains and fields are transformed into a magical winter wonderland. It is always great for business too, as people will drive to Notties from Pietermaritzburg, sometimes even further afield to bask in the snow, throw a snow ball or three and finish with a cup of hot chocolate, delicious Brownies, all wrapped up next to an open log fire.
Today, we saw a family of Buck walking across the field, which was such a special moment, but my best was driving into our little Hamlet and seeing the biggest Baboon, sat in the corn field, staring at me as he stole the kernels from the field. I had to ask myself "I wonder what he thinks, in 'Sunny South Africa', with all this snow around him". Almost odd and quite out of place.
I have to say that as much as I love the snow I hate the slush and one difference between my home Country of England and here in South Africa, the snow will disappear almost as quickly as it has arrived, and everything is as it was. The odd car may have skidded, our community may have come together to pull someone out of the snow, but then peace resumes, and its as if the snow was never here. The only tell tale signs, are a dusting of snow on the mountain peaks which tell a different story.

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