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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My internet 'Shop Keeper' on Human Rights Day at Simply Sam Trading

Yesterday was a public holiday in South Africa and we were fortunate to have our children at school, which meant my husband and I got to spend a day together, doing totally what we wished. Brookdale Spa did come to mind, but instead we decided to go on a 'Midlands Meander' on our bicycles. The round trip was about 45kms. The easy part was down hill to 'Piggys' for a brunch, but getting back home with all those hills, aah ...

The Midlands Meander has some of the most enchanting places to visit and one of my favourite has always been  Caversham Mill. The setting, almost on top of a ferocious river,is idyllic. When we arrived there, manager Clint, offered us a convivial chat and an apple for the journey, with a quick after thought of "mind the locals they drive like maniacs"!  We made it to Piggy Wiggly Country Village from Caversham Mill in 15 mins, as the down hill was great. Well, mostly down hill. 

A quick Croissant and Cappuccino had us set for the next part of the journey to Tanglewood Hotel. But first a quick look around Piggy Wiggly Country Village. Set up a couple of years ago with only a little outlet selling fresh produce and a small coffee shop, Piggys has become one of the most popular outlets on the Midlands Meander, as it now boasts at least ten different outlets with the most gorgeous offerings. I love Zulu Lulu's new 'spacious' shop by Traci and Stuart Tomkins. I picked out a number of items I'd like to send my hubby back to buy for me. Their ceramics are stunning and the children's pottery painting classes keeps children occupied with a soul filled art for a few hours.  
 by Traci Tomkins

Tour les Jours has gorgeous hand-made PJ's and other gorgeous items, you're sure to find something you can't resist. Frankie & Delilahs was new to me, but what a lovely outlet. We have a good laugh looking at their 'Britto' range of ceramics by Brazillian artist and ceramicist as they make the most colourful dog bowls that a customer had said he wanted to buy to serve chips and dip in at home. Well that would definitely get tongues (tails) wagging.

  Medium Melamine Dog Design Pet Bowl w/Steel Insert Melamine Cat Design Pet Bowl w/Steel Insert

After a serious hard slog up lots of gradual hills, we were eventually rested and ensconced at the historical Tanglewood Hotel (where it is said, Jack the Ripper is to have stayed whilst on the run). Having eaten a delicious lunch my 'dishevelled' husband announced that the only way he was going to continue our cycle, was if I booked him in the hotel for the night, to continue the cycle in the morning. Well, what do you do when you're in a fix? Call a friend. Those hills were not for Sissy's, so we called a friend to pick us up and take us home...

What a most enjoyable day off work. What made the whole thing even more enjoyable was knowing that all my hard work, working on the Simpy Sam Trading web store, was paying off as the internet became my 'shop keeper' and as I cycled around enjoying the beauty of the area, I was still selling. Our web store now boast a card facility so give it a try.

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